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  • The Chamber Healthcare Program

  • Did you know that less than 50% of U.S. businesses are able to offer healthcare to their employees?

    The Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Program, in partnership with the Small Association Leadership Alliance (SALA), is a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to traditional plans. This new program offers affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare options for our Chamber of Commerce members. The Chamber Healthcare Program provides a high-quality, affordable healthcare solution for employers, employees, and sole-proprietors. While not health insurance, the program provides 100% coverage for preventative care, options for co-payment features with 100% coverage, and addresses unforeseen medical expenses, such as illness and injury.

    This program is not insurance. It is an alternative solution that features a choice of two preventative care plans (basic or advantage), coupled with a medical cost-sharing membership for sharing expenses related to unexpected medical needs.

    Participants can expect to save as much as 60%
    and sometimes more when compared to health insurance!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Available to all local businesses
    • Coverage can include spouses and dependents
    • Available to full-time, part-time, and seasonal staff
    • Enrollment is monthly - you may join at any time.
    • A choice of two high-quality, affordable healthcare solutions
    • Includes a 4-year "Rate Lock" offering rate stability in a very unstable market


    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Be a member in good standing of the Weston Florida Chamber of Commerce
    • Watch the informational pre-enrollment video: <Watch>
    • Read through the plan documents to choose the best arrangement of plans for your needs.
    • Visit the enrollment site to begin your enrollment in the Chamber Healthcare Program


    For program questions, call the Help Desk at (888) 994-4979 or email hpsupport@smallassociations.org.



  • Disclaimer
    Medical Cost Sharing is not health insurance. Before replacing health insurance with a medical cost sharing membership, it is critically important to understand the requirements and restrictions for members. For example, most medical cost sharing organizations exclude or limit the amount eligible to share for pre-existing conditions. Accordingly, Medical Cost Sharing Group Memberships are not appropriate for groups of 50 or more where employees with pre-existing conditions might not be covered and the employer could be subject to a tax penalty. Likewise, there are exclusions for irresponsible behavior, including an accident or sickness related to drugs or alcohol. The website for each organization has the necessary detailed information to enable an informed decision.

    The application for medical cost sharing has a limited number of health history questions, but all potential members must agree with and attest to statements including: “I agree to refrain from the usage of any form of illegal substances.” Accordingly, medical cost sharing memberships are not for everybody, but a practical solution to managing costs for health conscious individuals.

    Medical cost sharing is not insurance where a premium is paid and the risk of major medical expenses are assumed by the insurance company. In medical cost sharing the patient deals directly with the doctor or hospital without the interference of an insurance company actuary. Secondly, the patient becomes a responsible, cost-conscious consumer rather than only being responsible for a co-pay and no concern what is charged to the insurance company.

    This Healthcare Program is not insurance. This means the state’s consumer protections and oversight of the operation of the plan do not apply. The amounts to be paid to the plan are not insurance premiums and therefore are not regulated. The promise of future benefits is not guaranteed.

    The general information provided here has been taken from reliable resources. However, the Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiaries do not provide insurance, legal or tax advice. We recommend that you seek competent legal advice for any questions on the forms and applications that you are required to sign to apply for membership to a medical cost sharing organization. The Chamber Healthcare program is not insurance and the Chamber of Commerce is not an insurance agency or provider. This program is sponsored by the Small Association Leadership Alliance with Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans provided by Apex Management Group and a Medical Cost Sharing membership provided by Sedera Health.

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